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Archive Data$250/mo

Enhance your Ethereum data with full Archival Node data. The Archive Data add-on provides API access to historical data on the Ethereum network. See our documentation for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Are there rate limits for free or paid accounts?
In order to provide the best possible service, there are rate limits on both free and paid accounts. To learn more about the limits and how to build with them in mind, click here.
What requests require the Archive Data add-on?
The Archive Data add-on is required for Ethereum requests that are more than 128 blocks behind the head of the chain and use one of the following methods: eth_getBalance, eth_getCode, eth_getTransactionCount, eth_getStorageAt, eth_call, eth_estimateGas.
Do you support blockchains other than Ethereum?
Currently, our APIs only support the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. If your application needs support for other blockchains or services, let us know.
What happens if I exceed my daily requests?
If you exceed your daily requests on your paid plan, your requests will still work. We'll get in touch to help you determine if it makes sense to pay the fixed overage charges associated with your plan, or upgrade to a new or custom plan.
Does Infura offer an SLA and more support options?
Yes, as part of our custom plans, we will work with you to explore these options.
How do I pay for premium IPFS features?
We're still building our premium IPFS service. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when it's ready.