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Infura’s multichain ecosystem meets you where you are, helping you bring new ideas to life across Ethereum and 9 different networks.

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We’re committed to providing a developer experience that meets you where you are. Now we're expanding into a multichain ecosystem that supports the network needs of all developers, from the person working on a side hustle to developer teams at the biggest Web3 companies.

Introducing our supported networks

Discover what our growing portfolio of networks brings to the table. Get connected with Infura's easy-to-use APIs and start building on Ethereum, Layer 2s, EVM and non-EVM
compatible chains.

Layer 1


The first programmable blockchain with smart contract capabilities

Layer 2


A secure, low transaction fee network

Layer 2


A simple, developer friendly blockchain

Layer 2


Get your favorite tools and scale fast

Layer 1


A carbon neutral network with 1000x cheaper transactions

Layer 2


The NFT network trusted by top artists

Layer 2


A Near-to-Ethereum bridge

Layer 2


First ZK-rollup with general-purpose smart contracts on a fully composable network

Designed for the innovators

As a leader in Web3 developer tools and infrastructure, Infura has everything developers need to build, scale, and disrupt.

No syncing or complex setups

With Infura, you can get started today

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We're faster than the competition - including self hosting

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Our team is invested in the growth and innovation potential of Web3

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A match made in Web3 heaven

Picking your ideal network will put your mind to the test - but fortunately, there are no wrong answers. Here's what we think is important to keep in my mind when you're evaluating your options, including sustainability, scalability, and security.

Organizational Health and Longevity

Examine the network's funding source, global market cap, team expertise, and how protocol upgrades are released.

Cost of Operations

Add up transaction, compute, and storage costs, plus any additional fees, and make sure you're within budget.

Level of Decentralization

Determine if the chain can run without trust dependencies on prominent centralized actors.


Evaluate the network's longevity -> security and if the chain can resist a large percentage of participating nodes attacking it.

Developer Support

Review the quality of the educational resources, documentation, and grant offerings.

Open Source Integrations

Identify open source components or popular tokens to integrate so you don't have to start from scratch.

Meet the Contenders

Use CaseConsensus Algorithm (Layer 1)Scalability TechnologyEthereum Virtual Machine CompatibilityTransaction CostTransaction Confirmation TimeTotal Github StarsDecentralizationGenesis Block Date
Layer 1
Smart Contract Platform
Few dollars
Few tens of seconds
July 30, 2015
Layer 1
Smart Contract Platform
Few cents
Few seconds
April 22, 2020
Layer 2
Smart Contract Platform
Few cents
Few seconds
July 21, 2020

The right network makes a difference

Find out what real Web3 developers are creating

The Infura APIs are exceptionally intuitive and fast. Comparing these to other platforms is night and day. This makes it so much easier to build your own Web3 experience and be productive.

Bob Morita, Director of Engineering, Balenciaga

Hi! I'm Aurora

Meet Aurora, a layer 2-like network with a lot to offer. Aurora runs on the NEAR protocol, one of the highest performance third-generation L1 protocols, and provides an ETH-2.0 like experience plus high throughput and scalability. All you need to do is change your RPC endpoint and you’re ready to build.

The Blockchain Awaits

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