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Executive Summary

OpenZeppelin builds tools that help developers create faster, more interesting applications on top of Ethereum. The OpenZeppelin library of audited smart contracts, SDK and a host of different tools comprise its core product set, providing developers with solutions for every step in the development process.

“Infura is a really critical piece of infrastructure for the Ethereum community. Running a node is something we hope everyone does, but it’s also something that works really well in the hands of professionals. The fact that this type of infrastructure is available to us is really valuable.”
Dennison Bertram Headshot
Dennison Bertram
Developer Advocate


The team at OpenZeppelin run their own nodes, but using them as the company’s sole infrastructure solution would have resulted in a lot of overhead. To offer OZ users the ability to spin up their own dapp really quickly, the company needed an infrastructure solution that simplified the process and technical requirements for connecting to Ethereum, deploying contracts, reading data from the network and sending transactions.

A Critical Piece of Infrastructure, A Better User Experience

Using Infura as their infrastructure provider, OpenZeppelin were able to reduce their technical overhead and seamlessly onboard their users to the Ethereum network. Incorporating Infura into their OpenZeppelin Starter Kits enabled their users to build and deploy faster apps on Ethereum, improving the developer experience.

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