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Executive Summary

Monerium offers regulated e-money on the blockchain, enabling businesses to store or send programmable money online, faster than using traditional payment services — and at the fraction of the cost.

"Infura provided us with a standardized interface to Ethereum, allowing our platform to increase and decrease the supply of e-money to reflect our customer holdings. Using Infura as the infrastructure layer in our technology stack meant we didn’t have to worry about the operation of blockchain nodes. Instead, we could focus all our attention and resources on building our product."
Gisli Kristjansson Headshot
Gisli Kristjansson
Co-Founder & CTO


Monerium and supply chain innovation company Tradeshift partnered to enable Tradeshift customers to issue e-invoices for products and services, and settle them using Monerium e-money. To be successful, Monerium needed a reliable connection to Ethereum to enable them to scale the supply of digital currency up and down.

Building reliable, production-grade infrastructure in-house wasn’t an option. It required specialized knowledge and resources — capabilities that Monerium just didn’t have.

Enabling automatic settlement at a fraction of the cost

By providing a stable, seamless connection to Ethereum, Infura empowered Monerium to fulfill their customer promise: to decrease the cost of business through instant invoice issuance, faster settlement and no intermediaries.

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