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Executive Summary

Lucidity is a blockchain-based marketing analytics firm with a mission to bring truth, trust and transparency to programmatic advertising. Lucidity’s core service offers advertisers and agencies a unified view of their most important ad campaign data, validated by signals from across the digital advertising supply chain.

"Time and effort are precious assets for a startup. Infura has allowed us to stay focused and continue to delivery next-gen blockchain focused applications to our customers."
Miguel Morales Headshot
Miguel Morales
Co-Founder & CTO


To run their service, Lucidity was hosting their own Ethereum node in their own cloud infrastructure. Maintaining this infrastructure and ensuring it was synchronized and up-to-date required a lot of time and precious engineering resource that had to be diverted away from working on Lucidity’s core product.

A Seamless Solution

Infura offered Lucidity ‘a seamless replacement’ for their own hosted node. The team simply pointed the Lucidity app to Infura and voila! Instant, reliable Web3 infrastructure. Lucidity were able to reallocate engineering resource back to their core product while obtaining high network availability and automatic failover for zero cost.

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