Fast Log Retrieval and Maintaining Uptime During High Traffic Periods

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Executive Summary

Aragon is a Web3 platform that enables people to organize and create value together by creating a managed decentralised organisation.

“We used Infura during our last Aragon Network Vote when we were expecting a lot of demand. It’s especially good at getting logs from organisations that are almost a year old - it works very, very well for that.”
Jorge Izquierdo Headshot
Jorge Izquierdo
Co-Founder & CTO


The biggest difference between building on Web2 and building on Web3 is the fact that the tools are so nascent. Everything needs to be built from the ground up. Initially Aragon had to build a lot of infrastructure themselves which slowed the team down.

Fast and Reliable During High-Demand Periods

Aragon used Infura during their last Network Vote to reliably handle a spike in demand. During this period, Infura handled over 1m JSON-RPC requests a day for Aragon. The company also regularly uses Infura to quickly retrieve logs from organizations that are almost a year old.

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